Rules & Regulations

Prohibition and Limitation

There are some prohibitions for installation and set up, they are the followings: -

  • Damage to any interior finishes, furniture and fixture; such as nailing, knocking, using of any chemicals, glue, some types of sticky tape;
  • Creation of any undesirable smell; such as thinner, some kinds of glue;
  • Using of flammable materials; unless permitted by TCDC. These must be removed at the end of each day;
  • Leaving any chemicals or poisonous materials unattended;
  • Smoking;
  • Eating within installation/set up area and installation/set up time.
  • Drinking alcohol within TCDC space

Access to TCDC before opening and after closed

Access to rental space before 10.30 am and after 10.00 pm, renter has to do the followings: -

  • Inform TCDC contact person 3 days in advance with the below details: -
    • Name and contact number of supervisors
    • Name of all workers (This can be informed on the day of working.)
    • Working duration
    • Equipment and materials; which will be brought in to TCDC.
    • Type and registration number of every vehicle which will enter Emporium parking space.
  • Exchange identification card with TCDC security before accessing TCDC space, returned at the end of every day;
  • In the case of bringing out any equipment or materials, the hirer must provide an equipment/materials list to TCDC security.

Event Promotion Regulations

For any media release regarding TCDC, the hirer must obtain TCDC approvals before any use of TCDC logo, content or any information about TCDC.

Food and Drinks

The hirer must arrange their own catering, TCDC will provide access and suitable facilities to those selected.