“Always Prepare: Living with Changes” Exhibition
28 September 2012 – 6 January 2013 / 10.30 – 21.00 / Gallery 2, TCDC /
Free admission

Distill the lessons from Thailand’s 2011 flood crisis and the Great Hanshin Earthquake
in Japan, to find insights on how cities, neighborhoods and individuals can cope with
natural disasters.
This exhibition is sponsored by TCDC in conjunction with the Japan Foundation,
Bangkok and Plus Arts, a Japanese non-profit organisation.

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“The Public and Design” Lecture
28 September 2012 / 18:30 - 20:30 / Auditorium, TCDC / Free admission / Conducted in Japanese with Thai translation

Bunpei Yorifuji, Art director and Representative of Bunpei Ginza, Ltd., will discuss
how design can be made approachable to the general public and what benefits
this brings. He will also introduce his design works at the exhibition “Always Prepare:
Living with Changes” and talk about his projects for the public from his own

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“Localization Map” Seminar and Workshop  
20 – 21 September 2012 / 13.00 -18.30 / Auditorium, TCDC / Free Admission /
Conducted in Japanese with Thai translation

How design impacts daily living in a culturally different market? Learn and apply
knowledge of “definition and colors” as an ideation to guide you in developing
business, especially product planning with Hiroyuki Anzai, Milan-based business
planner and Tetsutaro Nakabayashi, independent design director from Tokyo.

50% Platinum Membership Discount for Thai Residents*
1 September – 31 December 2012

Material ConneXion Bangkok offers you a great opportunity to find inspiration for
product development and keep abreast of the latest innovationin the world of design
materials. Thai residents can now apply for one-year TCDC Platinum Membership at
6,000 baht, a 50% discount from the normal rate of 12,000 baht.

*Thai Residents are here defined as Thai nationals or foreigners (aliens) holding valid
passports along with Residence permit* OR Work permit OR Tax payment evidences
in Thailand.

For more information, please contact Material ConneXion Bangkok at tel. 02 6648448
ext. 224.

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Visual Project@TCDC
1 – 30 September 2012 / 10:30-21:00 / Living Wallpaper and Kiosk /
Free Admission

Boost up your knowledge and prepare for TCDC’s annual symposium “Creativities
Unfold, Bangkok 2012” with the re-screening of the Creativities Unfold, Bangkok 2008
“Connecting Dots - Business : People : Culture” all through September.

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TCDC Creative Kit

Exercise your creative muscle with TCDC Creative Kit, a fun and easy way to kick-start
your imagination and develop your creative thinking skill. Take your imagination for
a ride with Design Dice and Flip & Find games.

For more information please contact information counter or 02 664 8448 ext. 213, 214.

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Creative Thailand (Free Thai language monthly magazine)

September issue is out on 1st!

Read online
or pick up at The Shop@TCDC (6th Fl., The Emporium), Nai-In Bookstore ,
SE-ED, B2S, Chula Bookstore, etc.

Introducing the New Online Material Database

Material ConneXion has developed the new online material database applications
and added many great features exclusively for Platinum  members; get unlimited
access to images, detailed material descriptions, usage characteristics, and
manufacturer contact information which can answer to your material related

To access the new online database, please visit www.materialconnexion.com/th
Non-members can see detailed information of the materials in the database at http://dwell.materialconnexion.com

View TCDC's Past Exhibitions Online

Explore an online version of TCDC's past exhibitions, where you can view both
domestically and internationally acclaimed design work combined with detailed
descriptions of their concept and design.

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Permanent Exhibition: "What is Design?"
10.30 - 21.00 / Gallery 1, TCDC / Free Admission

Find out how 10 world's leading countries interpreted their cultural uniqueness into
20th century industrial design. And explore the "genius loci" of industrial design in

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Material ConneXion Bangkok now opens to all TCDC members!
Ongoing / 10.30 - 21.00 / Material ConneXion Bangkok / Free Admission

Asia’s first innovative design materials library now offers all TCDC members the chance
to explore materials used by leading international designers. Find your inspiration
from over 4,500 material samples from around the world today.

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New Publications from TCDC (All in Thai language)

- "Creative Ecologies: Where Thinking Is A Proper Job" by John Howkins
The book continues to build on subjects previously explored in The Creative Economy,
this investigative study applies ecological principles to the concepts of creativity,
innovation and development of new ideas.
Price: 245 Baht

- "New Directions in Thai Materials" Book
(Published in Thai & English versions)
"Every material has a story to tell…" This book showcases the range of materials
currently being explored by designers and manufacturers in Thailand to reveal
the influences and material approaches at play in Thai design today.
Price: 1,200 Baht Read more

- T-Shirt and Suits
When "t-shirts" represents the enthusiasm of "creativities and imagination", while
"suits" becomes the symbol of the "business world"; what will happen when people
in the era of creative economy choose to wear suits over t-shirts?
Price: 250 Baht

- Baht & Brains
This book accompanies the "Baht & Brains" travelling exhibition which introduces the
concept of Creative Economy as a new engine of economic development to the public.
Price: 650 Baht

- Plean Lok Rob Tua - Transform The Surroundings
This book compiles information about new materials and technology from a wide
rangeof resources. The aim is to raise the importance of new materials and
technology that surrounds us which will lead to creative business development by
adding value to products and services.
Price: 195 Baht

Out now at The Shop@TCDC, 6th Fl., The Emporium, Nai-In Bookstore, SE-ED, B2S
and Chula Bookstore.

Barcode Scanner Service for Platinum Members

Material ConneXion Bangkok now provides "Barcode scanner program" service to
help you easily organize your materials. The Barcode Scanner program is exclusively
available to TCDC Platinum members who have access to Material ConneXion’s online
For more information, please contact Material ConneXion Bangkok Tel. 02 664 8448
ext. 225

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For more information, please call TCDC Information Counter, tel. 02 664 8448 ext. 213, 214.
TCDC reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice

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