As part of the "DigiPlay: Thai-UK Digital Festival", TCDC presents two special talks by three leading experts of the UK's video games and animation industry.

25 March 2011
"Capitalising on great ideas - from Games Workshop to Tomb Raider" By Ian Livingstone
Ian Livingstone is one of UK's founding fathers of interactive entertainment and fiction and a creator of Dungeons & Dragon. He will reveal the creative process of his whirlwind account of the game's industry and how to capitalise on its intellectual property.

26 March 2011
"A digital future" By Toby Barnes
Toby Barnes, the Managing Director of Mudlark - a game company that distributes games across all platforms such as online, offline, real time and simulations. He will inform you about the upcoming trends which may help your company survive in the digital future.

"Harnessing global talents - the story of Passion Pictures" By Hugo Sands
Explore the creative process of Passion Pictures, one of Europe's leading independent production companies through examples of their world-renowned works.



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