And that expectation was met when Mr. Michael Morrissey, an American CEO who owned both international and local
businesses, came to the festival and picked 5 name cards, including Khun Donut’s, from nearly one thousand. A meeting was
later set up to make acquaintance, relate attitudes, and exchange point of views and working styles, which has since led to
successful business collaboration.

Mr. Michael was looking to produce a book and a desktop calendar compiling his own photographic works. With his adventurous
nature and love of travel, he has enjoyed many exciting trips such as rowing to the North and South Poles, retracing the Silk
Road in China, and climbing Himalaya Mountain. Mr. Michael took photos in each of his trips. (see examples at He asked Khun Donut to help editing those images, as well as designing and producing a calendar
which would be sent to his friends worldwide, including the people he befriended during each fascinating trip. He was also
preparing to exhibit his photos in a New York gallery. Today, Khun Donut and Mr. Michael still keep in touch and continue
working together. Their success is a tangible result of the first Name Card Festival, where designers and entrepreneurs
met, connected, and built profitable business collaboration.