The state of belief

Although animist beliefs are pretty much the same all over the world, different cultures have come up with different ways of dealing with these visitors from another world. While people in traditional communities in the countryside cling to old customs and rituals, many of today’s city dwellers adopt the latest technology to facilitate their faith. And people with the purchasing power look for ways to satisfy cravings that reflect their particular beliefs in the supernatural. This explains the creativity that characterizes today society and the tremendous range of goods available in the marketplace.

Animist beliefs + coping mechanism = big money festivals

Various methods for coping with supernatural phenomena have grown out of the legends and customs unique to particular communities and ways of life. When these "coping mechanisms" are ritualized, they become the inspiration for exquisite works of art and world-class celebrations.

Animist beliefs + technology = a new world where old beliefs persist

As long as death remains the ultimate mystery, the realm of the spirits and the supernatural will likely survive in the modern world. New technologies only serve to keep our traditional beliefs alive. The market is full of new goods and services that purport to make contacting the "other side" faster and easier than ever before. These inventions have a trendy, up-to-the-minute look that fits right in with our modern lifestyle.

Animist beliefs + desire for the best = high-class beliefs

People with money often seek out skilled craftsmanship and top-quality raw materials to satisfy their craving for the best that life (and death) has to offer. Their money goes to finance a whole range of old and new businesses that keep traditional beliefs alive.