The red dot award: design concept is looking for ideas on which our future is based: exciting, creative and bold visions for improving our lives that are just waiting to be brought to fruition.

The competition aims to encourage designers and design teams to question the limits of product design, shape their visions and ideas and allow them to be judged against other design concepts from around the world.

Design concepts honoured with the red dot will attract the attention of the media and the international design industry and will be a huge step closer to bringing their concept to fruition. To give new impetus to this step, the LANXESS prize, will be awarded this year for the very first time: chemicals group LANXESS will help jumpstart the realisation process of two of the winning concepts by awarding them a USD7,500 cash prize each.

From now to 1 May 2007, members of the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) can register for the competition at a special promotional rate only USD30 for individuals and USD70 for companies. Click on this link to register for this special promotion rate.

Click here for more information on the competition.

Why Participate?

For Individuals:

Benchmark your design ability with the best in the field of design, including established design teams around the world.

Winning the red dot is a strong and recognizable achievement in your resume and portfolio as red dot award is also a coveted and recognised prize for established product companies and design studios.   

As a winner service and with your permission, we will issue an official letter to the top design teams in the world to recommend you as one of the most talented designer.

Gain a chance to license your design concepts or develop it further towards eventual market success. This year, a new winner service introduces the winners and winning design concepts to investors, buyers, manufacturers and partners with the aim of commercialisation.

Two LANXESS prizes, amounting to USD7,500 each can be won to help you further realise your design concepts.  The prize money may be used for IP protection, prototyping and engineering.

For Companies and Design Studios:

In addition, for design studios, winning the red dot is a strong introduction to your client as red dot award is also a coveted and recognised prize for established product companies.

red dot design awards
º 52 years of awarding the best in design
º one of the largest and most prestigious design awards in the world
red dot award: design concept
º identifies the most innovative design concepts from leading design companies and designers
º entries from 43 countries
º 2006 winners include LG Corporate Design Center and BMW Designworks
º total prize money worth USD20,000
Winner Services
º use of the red dot seal that is immediately recognisable in the industry
º exhibition at the red dot design museum in Germany and Singapore
º presentation at important design shows around the world
º representation in award yearbook distributed worldwide
º online portfolio at red dot online
º introduction to the top 50 international design companies
º design commercialisation support with direct presentation to brands, manufacturers and investors
º press services for mass media features
Intellectual property rights

Submitting your design concept to the competition will not compromise your intellectual property rights. If the submitted design concept is awarded a red dot, you will have at least 2 months to file for protection before the public exhibition and publication of the award yearbook.  Submitted design concepts that do not win will be destroyed and will remain anonymous to the public.