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TCDC offers a new form of connectivity and transfer of knowledge from various sources, both local and global, to members and other users, including people who do not know or have never been at TCDC due to inconvenience in transportation. TCDC facilitates users to access to the modern business based on creativity and design by eliminating the limitation of time and distance by putting business content on


TCDCCONNECT.COM is a website that serves as a community and network for creative businesses in Thailand, offering Thai entrepreneurs, producers, and designers from all fields of the creative economy a showcase to present their work in the form of an online directory. The website also provides a space for business matching – a place where creative businesses can find employers, employees, and prospective business partners that represent the best “fit” possible.

TCDCCONNECT.COM is also a portal into a vast world of information and inspiration. The website features a collection of articles on how to set up and manage a creative business. Topics range from building a brand, innovating, and understanding consumers, to managing a business based on creative ideas. There are also interesting case studies on business and product development.

Because we believe that by bridging the worlds of “ideas,” “business” and “production know-how,” we are laying the foundation for a strong creative economy in the future.

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DEBUT by TCDCCONNECT is a showplace of work and information of chosen entrepreneurs, designers, manufacturers and experts in other field. Through the activity at TCDCCONNECT.COM, the works are replaced every 3 months. This project creates opportunity for entrepreneurs, designers, manufacturers and experts to have a place to promote their business, attract potential client and generate employment. 

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