About The Shop@TCDC

The Shop@TCDC

The Shop@TCDC is a window onto the world of design, featuring an assortment of products by Thai and international designers that focus on originality, utility and innovative production techniques.

The primary purpose of the shop is to serve as encouragement to students, designers, and forward-thinking businessmen and women to “think outside the box” when developing new products and services for today’s market. The Shop@TCDC provides a place for local designers and entrepreneurs to showcase their latest designs and seek advice on product conception and development and the placement of new products in the market. The local and foreign-made items on display in the shop are meant to inspire Thai designers and give them a better understanding of the interests of the domestic market.

The variety of unusual items assembled at the Shop@TCDC attests to the value of the word "design" and its importance in setting a particular product apart from its competitors in the market. The shop makes it clear that design is vital in building business value.