‘PUNN’ Placemat Orange

code: 0405017

Durable multipurpose placemats made from pineapple fiber with water absorption property.

Price: 900.00 Baht
Other Color
Pineapple pulps are edible for human, its skin can be fed to animals, and the fibers from pineapple skins and leaves can be produced into multipurpose paper. CCC OBJECTS uses the waste that we just don’t know how to use-to create values that serve today people’s needs. Multipurpose placemats from pineapple fiber paper are made by rolling fiber strip tightly into a wide circular shape. With the water absorption property and durability to various uses , they can be used as a placemat for heat, cold or even water drops . With this beautiful colored placemats, we guarantee your dining table won’t be boring and have no water stains left. 
 - Diameter: 27 cm. 
 - 6 Colors: Blue, Earth, Purple, Red, Orange, Christmas 
 - Price: 900 Baht

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