‘PUNN’ Coaster Set (Orange)

code: 0405011

Durable multipurpose coasters made from pineapple fiber with water absorption quality.

Price: 620.00 Baht
Other Color
‘Object 2.1’ from CCC OBJECTS is made from pineapple-fibre paper (from skin and leaves). These coasters are soft, flexible, water-absorbable, durable for heat and cold, and also sturdy for usage. They are all handmade; done by rolling fiber-strip tightly by hand, creating a coaster with unique detail. The important thing is no more water stains or marks left on the table to annoy you anymore! 
 - Diameter: 9 cm. 
 - 6 Colors: Blue, Earth, Purple, Red, Orange, Christmas 
 - Price: 620 Baht (A set of 4)

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