"New Directions in Thai Materials" Book

"New Directions in Thai Materials" Book

“วัสดุแต่ละชิ้นล้วนมีเรื่องราวอยู่เบื้องหลัง” …พบกับการท้าทายครั้งใหม่ของเหล่านักออกแบบและผู้ผลิตชาวไทย ที่นำวัสดุธรรมชาติมาแปรเป็นผลงานสุดสร้างสรรค์ ผ่านกระบวนการคิด การออกแบบที่แฝงด้วยลูกเล่นแพรวพราว โดยยังคงความเป็นมิตรต่อสิ่งแวดล้อมได้อย่างน่าทึ่ง
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Every material has a story to tell…

“New Directions in Thai Materials” showcases the range of materials currently being explored by designers and manufacturers in Thailand to reveal the influences and material approaches at play in Thai design today.

Familiar natural solutions reflect the abundant tropical environment, but are transformed into contemporary products while synthetics offer surprising and often deceptive imitations as well as novelty of their own. Widespread eco-concerns are also driving the material choices of many designers and new resources have been discovered or created in the process.

Through their work the featured designers challenge perceptions of materials and their possibilities. Some breathe new life and relevance into materials with a long craft history while others create entirely new techniques for working with their chosen mediums and arrive at novel forms; be it synthetic or natural. Others, meanwhile, force a reappraisal of waste materials and highlight rich resources that are commonly overlooked.

All the work presented here suggests the enormous potential for innovation that a material-centric approach to design can have. By no means an exhaustive catalogue of all materials currently used, New Directions in Thai Materials is rather a source of inspiration that adds a new dimension to Thai creativity.

New Directions in Thai Materials is jointly published by Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) and Serindia Publications, Inc., USA. It is available in both Thai and English versions at The Shop@TCDC, 5 th F., The Emporium; Kinokuniya; Asia Books and Suriwong Book Centre, Chiang Mai. You can also order the English version at 45 USD via www.amazon.com.

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