Submission Requirements
1. Project presentation format
  • A2 paper, not exceeding 4 sheets, labelled with participant’s name and project’s name on the back of every sheet.
2. Details must consist of:
  • The design brief selected
  • 2D and 3D Visual design
  • Material or software used (if any)
  • Production possibility
  • Real usage, such as installation, management (if any), maintenance

3. Participant’s application form

Judgement Criteria

  • Design Quality: design, materials used and ergonomics that meet the design brief assigned.
  • Feasibility: a practical design which can be manufactured, and in accordance with the capital fund given.
  • Viability/Practically: real-world application with proper supported technology and easy to use.
  • Can produce a product or service prototype within the date specified (15 August 2012).
  • Individual/Team/Company Profile: previous achievement and work experience of the team
  • The sketch design must not be previously submitted to any contest and must not an original design created by the participant.

Contest Judges
The board of judges consists of experts from various fields relating to each type of Design briefs.

Copyright of the Winning Designs
TCDC receives all rights to the winning designs, which are to be developed and distributed as open source design for non-profit purpose. Usage for any commercial purpose requires approval by TCDC.

***TCDC reserves the right to make any changes without advance notice.