Disease Diagnosis Kit

Designed by: Mr.Vatcharanont Kongchatthai, Industrial Design Student, School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT

Consultant: Mr. Wee Viraporn, Design Director, Conscious

This kit helps you diagnose yourself with flood-related diseases: influenza, dengue fever, pneumonia, diarrhea, and leptospirosis. Users can monitor their symptoms without misunderstanding between the five diseases and common cold because they have some initial symptom in common. Moreover, it helps a physician obtain detailed patient’s symptoms, so that the patient is diagnosed accurately.

Download the technical drawing

Suggestions for further development

  1. The usage should be simplified, leaving only the symptom record indicating when the patient needs to go see a doctor.

  2. Communication methods should be modified to be able to reach more people. Current methods are still too difficult for people in rural area.

  3. The know-how to record symptoms should be considered for patients who have been cured but whose symptoms reoccur.