Water Level Measuring Buoy

Designed by: Mr. Kanoksak Rujirathon, Businessman and Financial Advisor

Consultant: Mr. Phongsathorn La-Iad-On, Executive Director, FiF Design Studio Co., Ltd.

This device is applied from the principle of a tape measure that the tape can be both pulled out and rolled back inside. It can be used on flooded roads to measure water level up to 2 meters depth. One end of a measuring canvas is attached to a floating buoy, while another end is attached to a sinking buoy. To measure water level, after putting the floating buoy onto water surface, the sinking buoy will sink and pull its canvas deep to the ground. The floating buoy will show water level of that position. The information shown on the buoy helps commuters choose safe route for their travel.

Download the technical drawing

Suggestions for further development

  1. A shield for water-measuring device should be added to the buoy to prevent the device from tilting when waves come.

  2. The structure of the buoy can be built by using metal sheet molding method, or PP blow molding mixed with the metal structure to create a hollow structure that is light in weight and has an unsharp edge for safety in use.

  3. Adding the weight to the buoy may be necessary as the buoy will be lighter when in water and will not sink upright in some situations. The strength of the spring should also be compatible with the increasing weight of the buoy.

  4. The buoy may be made with lead to support attachment to the pole. Attaching the measuring buoys to electricity poles will make the buoys float automatically.