“SurviVeg” Vegetable Garden Kit

Designed by:Ms. Yotsawadee Luetrakulset, Student from School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT

Consultants: Mr. Wee Viraporn, Design Director, Conscious and Mr. Phongsathorn La-Iad-On, Executive Director, FiF Design Studio Co., Ltd.

This vegetable garden kit provides information about how to grow vegetables easily in limited space and low light. It is suitable for flood victims who have to deal with a shortage of fresh vegetables and have limited knowledge about growing vegetables. If a flood victim follows the instructions for use on the box, there will be enough vegetables for 2 people during 2-month period.

Download the technical drawing

Suggestions for further development

  1. Adding paper can strengthen the different parts of the kit:
    1.1 The edge of the paper of the body and the lid can be folded back inside for an extra layer.
    1.2 For the planting plate, the edge of the paper can be folded to create a thicker rim, and the part that was cut off can be used in planting.
    1.3 There should be a handle on the box, or a band that can be used as a handle.

  2. If the planting blocks can be made to order in smaller size than what's available in the market, the cost and weight of the whole kit will be reduced and distribution will be easier.