“Wee Boat” Folding Boat

Designed by: Mr. Nutthapong Thammaruksasit, Product Designer, FiF Design StudioCo.,Ltd.

Consultant: Mr. Phongsathorn La-Iad-On, Executive Director,FiF Design StudioCo.,Ltd.

A portable boat, with an electric leak detector paddles, is foldable and similar to a wheeled suitcase. Wee Boat solves difficulties of commuting during flood due to most people do not own boat for private use in normal situation. The body of the boat is made of PVC canvas. Boat frames are mainly composed of aluminium, which is lightweight and rustproof. A keel is designed in the shape of folds like corrugated cardboard to bear more weight.

Download the technical drawing

Suggestions for further development

  1. To strengthen the folding area of the boat, an aluminum mold injection may be used instead of the die cut method. The weight of the boat may be reduced by opening the aluminum extrusion die to build a new boat structure that uses less amount of aluminum.

  2. Designing a longer boat can stabilize the boat's movement.

  3. An instruction manual for boat assembly should be included.