“FurFightFlood” Table and Chair Set

Designed by: Flat 6 Studio (Ms. PloenpitNittaramorn, Ms. Thanyaporn Jarukittikun, and Ms. TanattaKoshihadej)

Consultant: Mr. Pornthep Chatpinyakoop, Director, KMUTT Learning Square

This FurFightFlood is designed based on human scale so that its size and shape are suitable for children. Tables can be separated into parts like Lego blocks. During a flood, these parts can be assembled into several structures, such as floating pathways, rafts for carrying things, and flood defense barriers. The FurFightFlood is made of recycled polyethylene (PE) by rotomolding manufacturing method, making it hollow and floatable. PE is strong, impact-resistant, sun-resistant, and humidity-resistant, so it does not cause a mold problem like wood furniture during floods. Moreover, it is easy to clean.

Download the technical drawing

Suggestions for further development

  1. To make the product more stable, a leg-resting pole may be added to the two legs underneath, and a plate may be used to attach the table with both legs. Other methods such as undercut or dovetail joint may be applied to fasten the parts together.

  2. Using only one mold in designing the parts of the table to be assembled into a larger adult-sized table will reduce the cost in making the mold.