Flood Emergency Signage

Designed by: Mr.Sermsak Sripongtanakul, Managing Director, Tanakul Workgroup Co., Ltd.

Consultants: Mr. Wee Viraporn, Design Director, Conscious and Mr. Pornthep Chatpinyakoop, Director, KMUTT Learning Square

The flood emergency signage gives information on local conditions for warning of potential dangers, traffic rules, and details about flood victims who are in difficult-to-access areas or need help. It also helps reduce miscommunication arising from an unclear sign made by tools at hand. The signage is made of foam and plastic which are lightweight.

Download the technical drawing

Suggestions for further development

  1. A low-cost production process in signage design should be considered. For example, reusable materials may be chosen even if flooding doesn't reoccur. Cost-free production in making the signage mold would be suitable for emergency needs, enabling quick production in large quantities. This is because flood emergency signage is only needed when there is flooding. Besides, it is unlikely that a person will buy something that looks like a public property for personal use in an incident that may never happen.

  2. Date, time and change in data should be updated regularly because wrong signage lacks credibility and can lead to damage.