Water Monitoring System

Designed by: Mr. Pasakorn Champrasert, Mr. Supamit Jankoo, Ms. Poonpisamai Kotikula, and Ms. Waree Pankiang, OASYS Research Group, Faculty of Computer Engineering, Chiang Mai University

Consultant: Mr. Pornthep Chatpinyakoop, Director, KMUTT Learning Square

This design is a comprehensive system for water monitoring and data compilation network, starting from water level measurement with a measuring instrument installed in various areas, data processing into data grid which is a water map showing water level, velocity and tendency of flow direction, to data display on a website. The Water Monitoring System provides people with information on accurate water level and helps government agencies evaluate flood situation from a wide perspective so that they can properly prepare for evacuation and living during a flood

Suggestions for further development

  1. When installing the water monitoring system, the devices must be distributed to as many parts of the community as possible. The more the devices are allocated, the more accurate the water map will be, even when the water level is low.

  2. In case of flooding in the city where water level gradually rises and does not overflow, the device must be installed 3 meters from the street level. An appropriate position would be on an electricity pole or other signal poles. However, installing a device that weighs more than 10 kilograms is a difficult task. Using a crane vehicle may be too slow to cover all areas, while using a ladder by a single person has a drawback in the device's weight. Therefore, an assisted tool such as a pulley can facilitate the process.