Water Garbage Cleaner

Designed by: Mr.Sermsak Sripongtanakul, Managing Director, Tanakul Workgroup Co.,Ltd.

Consultant: Mr. Pornthep Chatpinyakoop, Director, KMUTT Learning Square

This cleaner is made of stainless steel and looks like a large comb. It must be equipped at one side of a Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) trash collection boat before use. During a flood, this cleaner will sweep and collect garbage which is usually oversized and has enormous volume. The device can be folded at one side of the boat when not in use.

Download the technical drawing

Suggestions for further development

The problem of the original model is that the main objective to acquire a device that helps pick up garbage from the water surface has not been fixed which will also lead to other problems. For instance, picking up garbage into the boat with the original device requires strength and expertise. The device attached to the boat increases the boat’s width and thus makes it impossible to pick up garbage in small alleys. Also, the oversized boat may not eligible for registration at the Marine Department.

However, the original model can be developed for future use as follows:

  1. Increasing the length of the control end of the device can help reduce weight when extending the device, while adding rear buoyancy can make the device stay afloat without much human assistance.

  2. The comb of the device should be designed with close-set teeth so that it can pick up both small and large pieces of garbage.