Under the “design thinking” framework, the Design for Flood team has processed the field survey, determining problems and real needs of the people, volunteers and SMEs affected by the 2011 flood, both within Bangkok Metropolitan area and vicinity. The information collected was then analysed and developed into 10 Design Briefs.

Interested participants are invited to join the contest to create sketch designs and prototype products from the assigned 10 design briefs below. The activity is divided into 2 phases: sketch design contest and product and prototype development.

10 Design Briefs

  1. Water monitoring system
  2. Public toilet
  3. Community water supply  
  4. Emergency signage system  
  5. Floating furniture for schools
  6. Private vehicle for travelling during flood
  7. Sufficient vegetable garden kit
  8. Public roadside water level indicator  
  9. Disease diagnosis kit
  10. Water garbage picker