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Digital Learning Media “Designing Energytopia”

Digital Learning Media “Designing Energytopia”

Digital Learning Media “Designing Energytopia”

  • When: 18 December 2015 - 31 December 2016

Can we live the way we want while using the energy efficiently?

The first Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC)’s digital learning media originated by “Designing Energytopia” project aims to generate and disseminate knowledge and understanding about the Design Thinking concept through digital media-assisted energy learning. The ultimate goal is to ensure swift, widespread, efficient and sustainable access to and understanding of the Design Thinking body of knowledge. Wherever you are in the world, you can access the knowledge of TCDC.

This digital learning media focuses on energy efficiency in daily life, which is more feasible than reducing energy use or running awareness campaigns, with a body of knowledge on Design Thinking taking on an important role as a tool to help drive an energy paradigm shift and open the way to user insight-based creation of new services or innovations to match users’ needs and lifestyles.

‘Energy Efficiency’ is different from ‘Energy Saving’; it means reducing the energy usage and still having the same outcome, both quantity and quality aspect. Therefore, Design Thinking has a major role as a thinking tool for problem-solving that leads to new innovations and services for energy efficiency.

Energy users often do not speak their minds and what in their mind is not what they do. To understand the attitudes, needs, behaviors, perceptions, and experiences of energy usage of household energy users, TCDC creates Design Research Tools, such observations and in-depth interviews, and concludes them into the insight of energy usage.

Thus, growing these insights into “opportunity”, TCDC encourages people to search and create energy usage ideas, suitable to the user and have a potential in business and technology’s view.

TCDC invites you to use energy efficiently. You can download an energy idea gathering manual at and share your idea of energy efficiency at Facebook, or send the ideas in person at information counter at TCDC and TCDC Chiang Mai.

And energy efficiency is one step closer to reality!

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