The Cooperation II

The Cooperation II by Material ConneXionī Bangkok is a continuous project aimed to create new design networks by pairing up 4 Thai designers with 4 Thai material manufacturers, who are part of the Designers – Material Manufacturers Networking Project. Each pair works together in depth by doing material research, exploring with materials, developing designs, and making product prototypes through an 8-month workshop from January – August 2014. The aim of the project is to create prototypes which have real potential for commercial and industrial-scale production and are easy to use.


The table and door with an uncommon design and surface are made of a new wooden material from veneer scraps. The veneer scraps are rolled into a log with its own artificial annual ring and is filled with fluorescent colours to attract attention. The design holds true to the nature of the raw material, creating these unique pieces.


Jane & Grace

“Jane” – A leather-effect biocellulose handbag and “Grace” – a crocodile-effect biocellulose handbag

A revolutionary transformation of biocellulose into techno textile, which is convenient to produce and apply, and is environmentally friendly.


The Flow

A natural fiber fabric consisting of 3 patterns inspired by a wooden door, the product has a natural handspun feel and a good weight. It is thick, strong, and suitable for the Home Textile and Fashion Accessories Industries. It has been used to produce a bag collections and the Kap Chair prototype.


Kap Chair

Created to build new business opportunities for kapok in the Lifestyle Products Industry, the multipurpose chair is also a mattress for one. The upholstery fabric is “The Flow” natural fiber fabric produced under the collaboration by Thai Numchoke Textile Co., Ltd. and kanit


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