Types of TCDC Membership

  1. Premium Member
    Access to over 34,000 volumes of design publications, more than 210 periodicals, over 3,000 items of design resources in multimedia formats, and online databases on art history, design and marketing, plus special discount on TCDC services.
  2. Silver Member
    Unlimited access to our design resources along with entry to The Member Lounge, a selected information source for professionals with special facility and service, and enjoy additional TCDC discounts.
  3. Platinum Member
    All the above benefits plus access to over 3,000 innovative materials selected from around the world by designers and multi-disciplinary experts in New York for Material ConneXion® Bangkok and explore over 7,000 materials via online database.
  4. 10-Day Member 
    The mutual benefits as Premium Member available within 10 days.