TCDC member qualifications:

  1. Students: All full-time students aged 12 – 30 currently study in secondary level–master degree or equivalent, in public or private educational institutions accredited by Ministry of Education in Thailand (excluding extra-curricular schools). Non-Thai students studying outside Thailand may only apply for Worldwide Platinum Membership.
  2. Teaching Professionals: Thai citizens who teach in educational institutions per conditions stated in No.1.
  3. Thai Citizens: Thai citizens or foreigners (aliens) holding valid passports with EITHER Thai residence permit* OR work permit with evidence of personal income tax payment in Thailand only. (*Residence permit is as defined in section 7, section 41, section 43, and section 45 of the Immigration Act, B.E. 2522. For further details please refer
  4. Non-Thai Citizens: All foreigners who do not hold any of the evidences stated in No.3.
  5. Senior Citizens: Thai citizens aged 60 years and over, as of application date.
  6. Thai Government Employees: Thai citizens only.