TCDC Membership Benefits


1. TCDC Membership Benefits

TCDC Membership Benefits Premium Member
1. Access to design books, journals, magazines, and publications from around the world
2. Online databases (on site only)
3. Computers for information search
4. Wi-Fi Internet access
5. Bookmark System
6. Quicktionary
7. Book recommendation and review
8. Assistance in searching publications and multimedia that are in the process of shelving
9. Access to ticket presales for all TCDC activities
21. Discount on TCDC activity participation 10%
22. Discount at The Shop@TCDC 5%

*Available at TCDC Bangkok only.
**Chiang Mai Premium Member can access TCDC Bangkok once a year.
***Members that applied before 1 March 2016 can view their benefits here.


2. Special privilege when applying or renewing TCDC membership 
Apply for TCDC membership or renew membership within 1 month before or after membership expiry date, receive these special privileges as follow;

Special PrivilegeNew MemberRenewing Membership
2-year member receives 25% discount  with a complimentary gift (limited amount, please check the condition at Info Guru Counter)For example, apply for new membership and renewing Premium membership, individual type, normally the cost is 1,200 Baht per year (2 years = 2,400 Baht), receive 25% discount from the full price 1,800 Baht.

Notice: The amount of complimentary book is limited and is subject to change. The availability can be checked at member application service point.

Receive a free TCDC 10-day pass which costs more than 50% of the membership fee.  

Notice: A TCDC 10-day pass is a TCDC access card for Non-TCDC member.

- Premium member receives 2 passes per person.

Notice: This free TCDC 10-day pass will expire in 6 month after applying or renewing membership.

Receive a free coupon to access the Member Lounge for 1 month.
Show your coupon and TCDC member card at Info Guru Counter to receive an access card to the Member Lounge for 1 month (Except weekend and access to additional service.)

Receive a free membership when renewing membership as a group, for example,
• Free 1 membership when renewing the membership of 4 members.
• Free 3 memberships when renewing the membership of 10 members. 

- The number of free membership cannot be used as a discount.
- Renewing membership does not need to be the same list of members from the former group. 

1. These special privileges can be referred from TCDC Membership Benefits brochure.
2. TCDC reserves the right to change to appropriation without giving notice.    

For inquiry, please contact TCDC via telephone call at 02-664-8448 ext. 213, 214, 215, 216; or fax at 02-664-8499, 02-664-8458; or email at 


3. Privilege for TCDC 5th Anniversary cardholder
1. Free admission for 1 companion per visit at TCDC Bangkok and Chiang Mai *
2. Free 6-month membership extension whenever you renew your 1-year or 2-year membership, plus 50% 1-year fee reduction for up to 5 new members on your renewal day.
3. Free admission to Creativities Unfold for Silver and Platinum members. (Subject to seat availability. Please see terms and conditions of each event)**
*TCDC Chiang Mai will open to the public in 2012.
**Terms and Conditions
1. 1 membership / 1 right
2. TCDC will give seating priority on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call ahead to check for availability.

TCDC reserves the right for any changes without prior notice.