TCDC Resource Center


TCDC Resource Center was established to serve as Thailand’s premier learning resource center for design and creativity, providing support for Thai designers and entrepreneurs to compete internationally.

Our resources include:
  • Publications covering all aspects of design: art history, interior design, architecture, fashion, textiles, graphic design, photography, film, etc.
  • Magazines and journals from around the world.
  • Design resources in multimedia formats: films, documentaries, and TCDC’s workshops and lectures on iPod and iPad.
  • Online databases on art history, design and marketing.
  • A Collection of trend books forecasting future consumer demands, and Pantone guide for indicating color standard in every design industry.
  • Facilities and services, e.g. reading rooms, movie rooms, year-round workshops and lectures.

Material ConneXion® Bangkok

  • 1st Material Library in Asia, with over 3,000 material samples.
  • Online database of over 7,000 materials with specification, manufacturer and contact info.
  • Monthly update with 25 materials selected by experts directly from New York.
  • Quarterly magazine MATTER, the one and only magazine focusing on material trend and innovation.
  • Various material and trend update activities.
  • Barcode Scanning System, easy way to search, record and create personal material list.
  • Material consulting with expert. (By appointment only, extra charge may apply)
  • Material promotion activity, spread the news about your innovation to Material ConneXion® Bangkok communities. (By appointment only, extra charge may apply)