How to join TCDC

  1. Apply in person at Info Guru Counter, TCDC Resource Center.
  2. Apply here  apply_button_en.png


  1. Payment by cash, check and credit card at TCDC service counter
  2. Online payment via

TCDC member qualifications:

  1. Student, Thai government employee and senior citizen
    - Student: Thai and non-Thai full-time student, aged 12-30, currently in secondary level to master degree or equivalent, at public or private educational institution accredited by Ministry of Education in Thailand (excluding extra-curricular schools). Thai citizen aged 12-30 studying overseas is also eligible.
    - Thai government employee: Thai government employee and state enterprise employee 
    - Senior citizen: Thai citizen aged 60 years and over, as of application date.
  2. The general public: Thai citizen or foreigner aged 12 years and over
  3. SMEs
    - Registered entrepreneur/limited partnership with at least 5 members and not over 25 members
  4. Corporate
    - Registered entrepreneur/limited partnership
    - Public and private organizations
    - Corporate card is valid for TCDC access.
  5. Affiliate
    - Registered entrepreneurs/limited partnership
    - Public and private organizations
    - Evidence of customer of affiliate company/organization is valid for TCDC access.

What you need:

  1. Student, Thai government employee, senior citizen and state enterprise employee must show national ID card or identity document for special price.
  2. General public must show a national ID card or a passport.
  3. For corporate/organization membership, a value added tax registration certificate must be presented.
  4. Student aged between 12 to 15 can show national ID card or a copy of census registration for membership application.
  5. All members would be photographed upon the first visit for TCDC member database registration (excluding Corporate and Affiliate member).
  6. Member subscription via is complete after online payment or payment at TCDC service counter. All members would be photographed on the first visit for registration.