How to join TCDC


  1. Apply in person at Info Guru Counter, TCDC Resource Center. 
  2. Apply here apply_button_en.png

TCDC member qualifications:

  1. Students: All full-time students aged 12 – 30 currently study in secondary level–master degree or equivalent, in public or private educational institutions accredited by Ministry of Education in Thailand (excluding extra-curricular schools). Non-Thai students studying outside Thailand may only apply for Worldwide Platinum Membership.
  2. Teaching Professionals: Thai citizens who teach in educational institutions per conditions stated in No.1.
  3. Thai Citizens: Thai citizens or foreigners (aliens) holding valid passports with EITHER Thai residence permit* OR work permit with evidence of personal income tax payment in Thailand only. (*Residence permit is as defined in section 7, section 41, section 43, and section 45 of the Immigration Act, B.E. 2522. For further details please refer to
  4. Non-Thai Citizens: All foreigners who do not hold any of the evidences stated in No.3.
  5. Senior Citizens: Thai citizens aged 60 years and over, as of application date.
  6. Thai Government Employees: Thai citizens only.

What you need:

  1. All applicants must show National ID Card or passport.
  2. Students must show a valid Student ID Card or a student status confirmation letter.
  3. Teaching professionals must show ID card or a teacher status confirmation letter.
  4. Thai Government Employees must show a valid official ID card with expiry date clearly stated.
  5. Foreigners who wish to apply at a Thai citizen rate must show valid passports along with EITHER Thai residence permit OR work permit with evidence of personal income tax payment in Thailand.
  6. Online membership application will be complete once applicants pay their membership fees and have their photos taken at Info Guru Counter.

* TCDC reserves the right to cancel a membership if applicants fail to show complete application documents and pick up their member cards within 30 days of application date.