TCDC invites SMEs to a World of Ideas and Business Opportunity. Extended to December!

baht / person
baht / person
baht / person
Bangkok – Chiang Mai Bangkok – Chiang Mai Bangkok – Chiang Mai
1-Year Membership Fee Rate 1,200 3,000 8,000
2-Year Membership Fee Rate 1,200 x 2 Year = 2,400 3,000 x 2 Year = 6,000 8,000 x 2 Year = 16,000
1,800 4,500 12,000
5-Year Membership Fee
Rate for SME
1,200 x 5 Year = 6,000 3,000 x 5 Year = 15,000 8,000 x 5 Year = 40,000
2,000 5,500 16,500

How to Apply

  1. Show your National ID Card or passport to apply from today – 29 December 2013.
  2. Show a certificate of incorporation with authorised capital* not exceeding 5 million baht, incorporated for no longer than 10 years, and unlisted.
    Or a copy of commercial registration certificate.
    Or a copy of juristic person taxpayer ID card.
    Or show your tax receipt.
  3. Applicable only to local citizens, i.e. individual or incorporated Thai entrepreneurs or foreign entrepreneurs who hold residence permit or work permit with evidence of personal income tax payment in Thailand.
  4. Entrepreneurs can register online to enter TCDCCONNECT Directory for business matching opportunity at Exclusive for 5-year SME Platinum members, simply tell us more detail about your businesses within December 15, 2013 to enhance your publicity via TCDC eNews network and**
  5. TCDC reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice.


* The Revenue Department’s criteria of business qualified for tax benefits.
** The information and images used for publicity are the entrepreneurs’ sole responsibility. TCDC reserves the right to revise the content as appropriate with advance notification. This benefit may be unconditionally revoked upon inappropriate action.