Material & Design Innovation Center

Material & Design Innovation Center promotes and supports innovation, ignites thinking, and creates business opportunities and business matching to increase the competition capacity with over 8,000 materials and innovations worldwide. We are aiming at exploration of material selection and trend updates. Material & Design Innovation Center provides Material & Design Innovation Consulting service and Material Submission service for material manufacturer to propose innovative and environment friendly material to Material ConneXion®.


Design Innovation
Showcase for innovator to present idea and innovation. Recognized internationally, Material & Design Innovation Center provides hands-on experience and connect innovator and innovative entrepreneur.  

Material ConneXion® Bangkok
Over 8,000 material and innovation, Material ConneXion® Bangkok is equipped with online database service and over 2,000 material samples along with new material showcased every month on “New Arrival” shelf and “Idea Wall”. Selected materials are divided into 8 categories: polymer, glass, ceramics, carbon-based, cement-based, metal, natural material, and process. Material ConneXion® Bangkok allows user to catch up with the trend of material for design and widen knowledge of material to build on business.

MCX Spotlight   
With network of Material ConneXion® branches worldwide, MCX supports and presents Thai manufacturer to international market providing business opportunity, increasing market competency and expanding market to Asia.

Material Mapping: Bangkok
Material Mapping: Bangkok offers material resources and material service from over 14 trading areas in Bangkok, namely, Charoen Rat, Sua Pa, Ban Mo, Sampeng and Phahurat. Creatives can look for materials for their creative works on Material Mapping: Bangkok which provides both contact information and map. Material Mapping: Bangkok can be accessed at

Trend Corner
Trend corner houses books about trends to keep you updated with the consumption trends from Carlin, Nelly Rodi and Mix Trend and the latest global creative work.