"Chiang Mai Revisited" Exhibition

  • (Exhibition)
  • When: 2 April - 14 July 2013 | 10:30-18:00
  • Where: TCDC Chiang Mai

The vast forests and high mountains behind the curtain of fog. The ancient temples and the slow-paced lifestyle. These images come to mind when we think of Chiang Mai. But they do not reflect Chiang Mai in its entirety.

Opens till 14 July!

The vast forests and high mountains behind the curtain of fog. The ancient temples and the slow-paced lifestyle. These images come to mind when we think of Chiang Mai. But they do not reflect Chiang Mai in its entirety.

Behind the big trees, old brick walls and shops lies a vibrant community with new activities that constantly add liveliness to the city. Chiang Mai may be an ideal place for many. But beautiful imageries aside, overlooking other dimensions of the city may lead to a development that does not suit the reality. Rather, changing the perspectives to view the city as it is will bring a creative growth.

The exhibition “Chiang Mai Revisited” opens up a new aspect of Chiang Mai in the city’s mind frame driven fr om within. There will be design and installation work to represent the expeditions, the opportunity searches and the obstacles in the city development that are hidden in major parts of the city.

Get to know the people fr om the community who have different perspectives in choosing their careers and activities to bring liveliness to the city. These people share the same views. They see the hidden potentials of the areas which can raise the city’s profile in many dimensions other than the images we already know: the ‘Four Main Gates’ as the cultural center; ‘Nimmanhaemin Road’ as the meeting point for dining and drinking, and ‘Soi Wat Umong’ as a popular accommodation area for students. In fact, these unique neighborhoods have new potentials waiting for us to discover.

Join the exploration of Chiang Mai as the second home of TCDC through the study of the complex dynamics of this city and its diverse communities. At the same time, the locals will get to know their own city through new perspectives and reevaluate Chiang Mai that they are familiar with, in order to eventually welcome new potentials of the areas.

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Exhibition Videos

Roaming and Learning: The Moat Area
Not until roaming around the back-street alleys of the moat will you discover a wide range of places that are unheard of even by the locals – fr om a tasty rice noodle shop to a small learning center for children in the community. The old town nowadays is the place wh both young Thais and foreigners live in parallel with the traditional way of living of the older generation. A seamless mix of the old and the new make the moat area a dynamic living space that challenges visitors to make changes, bring in creations, and freely express oneself.

Voice for the Voiceless: Soi Wat Umong
Passing cars and motorcycles bound for their destinations hardly pay attention to the roadside dwellers, ignoring those whose houses locate near the road and spend most of their time home. Many forget that it was the tranquility and self-contained seclusion of Wat Umong that drew in settlement of outsiders and made the neighborhood what it is today. Among a large number of dorms and shops lining up in the soi is a group of residents who respect the past legacy and yearn for peace, wishing the community to nurture the future of co-existence.

Balance and Blend: Nimmanhaemin Road
Wh else can you possibly find an odd mix of contrasts, from branches of high-end hairdressing salons to small barber shops run by locals, from a cafe library to a Burmese library, if not Nimmanhaemin? Hidden in the plain sight of the streets are local charms and appeals that says Nimmanhaemin is more than a trading space. It can be, on the contrary, a venue for dialogues and exchanges wh the dynamics of commercialization finds its balance with the health of the community.

The creative minds behind this VDO presentation is dd/m/y, a small production studio in Chiang Mai that specializes in producing creative content, from documentary, info-motion graphic, music, prints, to website.www.facebook.com/ddmy.studio www.ddmystudio.com

Now available (partly in English) for free download is a presentation of 9 local stories via 9 maps illustrating each community’s belief, imagination and distinctive skill, such as Lanna Street Art View 2013, Chiang Mai Coffee Culture, Nimman Haemin Art and Design Promenade.
Download via TCDC Digital Resource

Remark: All 9 maps were produced by representatives of each community.

TCDC Chiang Mai opens now behind Muang Mai Market, 1/1 Muang Samut Road, Changmoi Subdistrict, Muang District, Chiang Mai 50300.

For more information, please contact TCDC Chiang Mai 052-080-500 ext. 1.

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