The exhibition “Humour Business”

  • When: 15 July - 2 October 2016 | 10.30 – 21.00
  • Where: Gallery 2, TCDC

When humour is one of the keys to drive business and society, let’s explore endless possibilities and opportunities arising from this.

The exhibition “Humour Business”, in collaboration between Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) and Bunluesan (Kaihuaror), introduces and explores the possibilities of humour business as the important thinking tools of mankind. Not only bringing healthy state of mind, humour is used to connect people and produce laughter, as well as happiness and various kinds of entertainment. Humour is, also, a communication and business tool creating product and service and driving forward society and economy.

Humour can be an important growth driver, especially in show business, where humour is used to drive the narrative, offer alternative viewpoints and pose questions, drawing on everyday stories that everyone can relate to. The key is the ability to adjust and tweak details to fit different humour cultures, understand audiences and communications spaces, take into account both the creator’s and consumer’s points of view and, most importantly, to adapt with changing times. This may be the reason why humour can be so much more than shared laughter among friends.

Anyone can use humour, not just the so-called ‘café comedians,’ movie directors, comedians, TV producers, professional creatives or comic writers. As a creative tool, humour has the potential to bring about all kinds of change, help us negotiate daily life, enhance peaceful social co-existence, open up new learning spaces, fight against power and politics, achieve urban revival and economic development and enable us to imagine endless possibilities, not just those that exist in our known dimensions.

Free admission
For more information, please contact TCDC Information Counter, 5 Floor, The Emporium, from 10.30 - 21.00 (Closed Mondays), Tel. 02 664 8448 ext. 213, 214

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