Mini Exhibition “Seating Design”

  • When: 4 May - 5 June 2016 | 10.30 – 21.00
  • Where: TCDC Resource Center

Learn the seating design process of seating icon in the mini exhibition “Seating Design”

The mini exhibition “Seating Design” is aiming for knowledge dissemination and inspire the seating design based on sitting position. This exhibition is a part of TCDC Creative Seating Competition searching for seating in co-working space of TCDC Charoenkrung encouraging the exchange between people from different places and fields to work in the same place, share ideas and creatively work together. This competition is held with confidence in capability and potential of designer and Thai seating manufacturer in production of seating prototype revealing the competitiveness of Thailand in the world arena.

Sitting is not the only purpose of seating. The interaction of user and seating differs by the usage purpose. A seating is the work of thinking showing the consideration of using purpose, user and the context of using. This is expressed in material, design, production process and the finished work combining the understanding of design and inspiration, technical work and technology, esthetics and science as well as history and future.

Which seating fits the usage and responds to the need of design? What is the sitting of human now? What is the process of creating a seating? TCDC invites you to discover the thinking and inspiration behind seating design and learn the process of creating iconic seating designs through the exhibit of seating in using purpose at TCDC Resource Center.

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For more information, please contact TCDC Information Counter, 5 Floor, The Emporium, from 10.30 - 21.00 hrs. (Closed Mondays), Tel. 02 664 8448 ext. 213, 214

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