TCDC Activities

1. Exhibitions
To foster design knowledge and inspire visitors, TCDC-sponsored and international exhibitions showcase acclaimed works of design, with detailed descriptions of their concept and origin.

2. Lectures/seminars/talks/workshops
TCDC regularly organizes educational and inspirational  lectures, seminars, talks and workshops.  Not only to foster ideas and creativities, but participants also have the opportunity to share experiences, find inspiration from one another, and build a creative network.

3. TCDC Events
A variety of interesting events are regularly held by TCDC and other organizations to inspire and promote creative thinking among the public.

4. Visitor Services Activities
  • Visit TCDC Activity
    As the premier learning resource center for design and creativity, TCDC raises awareness of our services among the public by inviting schools, organizations, associations, and other social groups to enjoy the creative experience at TCDC. Also, TCDC can organize activity based on the group’s interest to strengthen design knowledge for participants.
  • Student Tour Activity
    The Student Tour Program brings together students from all fields of study and from all regions to exchange opinions and ideas with their peers.  The program arranged 5-day, 4-night workshops on various issues to provide the young generation an inspiring experience and open their creative vision.
  • Learning Outside the Classroom at TCDC
    To cultivate our young people so that they understand the process of exploring and expressing creativity, TCDC welcomes students at all levels; from kindergarten, primary, secondary, and undergraduate, to special student groups.  Field study trip at TCDC offers a series of youth-oriented activities that can be an exciting addition to the classroom.
  • Special activities
    Fun activities related to current exhibition, seminar and other creative event invite TCDC visitors and members to exercise their creative muscles and to share ideas with others.
  • TCDC volunteer
    TCDC volunteer program opens for students who wish to improve interpersonal and customer service skills in a creative environment. Participants will be trained to give guided tours of the exhibitions and to provide visitors with information regarding TCDC activities and services.
  • TCDC Creative Kit
    Exercise your creative muscle with Design Dice Game and Flip & Find Game, a fun and easy way to kick-start your imagination and develop your creative thinking skill.

    Design Dice Game: Take your imagination for a ride with each roll of dice. You’ll discover that everything is possible in the world of design.

    Flip & Find Game: Explore the stories behind world’s famous products we see and use daily through the game. Then you will find that design is much closer to everyday life than you thought.

    Check out TCDC creative games today at TCDC Information Counter, tel. 02664 8448 ext. 213, 214.