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The exhibition “Creativity onwards”

  • When: 5 May - 17 September 2017 | 10.30 - 21.00
  • Where: Gallery, Fl. 1 (Back building) & Function room, Fl. 4 (Front building), Resource Center, MCB, Maker Space and Co-working Space

How does “Creative Industry” boost Thai economy? Let’s find the answer in the exhibition “Creativity onwards”.

The exhibition “Creativity onwards”, the very first exhibition of TCDC at the Grand Postal Building,  simultaneously showcases the past accomplishments of Thailand’s creative industry and invites viewers to participate in the creation of ideas and search for new opportunities to help propel creativity forward and allow it to continue to contribute to the country’s development. The exhibition is divided in to the following zones:

1. Ready to move forward?
A collection of over 45 cases of Thai creative works that emphasize new creative concepts and processes that are becoming the mainstream of the future, presented alongside viewpoints on the potential and future of the creative overview from individuals within and outside of the creative industry.
(At Gallery, Fl. 1, Back building)

2. Understand the origins. Look for opportunities.
Exploring the timeline of economic, social, cultural and technological changes that have taken place over the past 60 years; since the First National Economic and Social Development Plan came into effect, alongside the works of creative thinkers in various spheres of Thai society.
(At Function Room, Fl. 4, Front building)

3. Creative works from the past 60 years.
(At Resource Center, MCB, Maker Space and Co-working Space)

Free admission
For more information, please contact TCDC Service Counter, from 10.30-21.00 (Closed Mondays), Tel. 02 105 7400 ext. 213, 214

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