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Ploy Saeng 12 Festival: The Chili Business

  • When: 25 June - 15 August 2014 | 10.30 – 21.00
  • Where: Gallery 2, TCDC

Taste the red hot success of the “Chilli” business to see new opportunities in both local and global markets.

Chili is a common houseplant used in every Thai kitchen for seasoning and garnishing. But did you know that this tiny herb is one of our top economic crops. Not only does chili earn its growers good income, it is also a key material that drives forward Thai food and medicine industries, raises manufacturing and exporting figures, and boosts employment in manufacturing sector from household to local and international levels.

Ploy Saeng 12 Festival: The Chili Business presents the commercial opportunities and interesting outlooks to paint a complete picture of Thailand’s “hottest” commodity and spark new business idea from the success of local entrepreneurs with unique strategies. It is divided into 3 zones, as followed:

Zone 1: All About Chili
Find out everything you need to know about chili: from scientific property, history, heat ranking of each type around the world, as well as how its packaging has changed over the years.

Zone 2: Hot Economy
Get to know the entrepreneurs who feature chili as a key ingredient in their products. Find your business inspiration, explore how to meet your customers’ needs, and also discover the key success factors and marketing mechanism that can be adapted to your own business.

Zone 3: Business Consultancy Network
Particularly useful for beginners and those looking for new brand-building methods, here you can find all the information you need: from funding sources, product research support, food institutes, to standard guarantee logo required in food industry.  
Join us to see the chili business in different facets, especially as an “economic crop”, and learn its benefits, usages and business potentials. Explore the business models of successful chili entrepreneurs, how chili has been creatively applied into diverse products, the key factors behind market success and marketing strategy that makes your brand stand out. Ploy Saeng 12 demonstrates that business opportunity can be found in everyday materials around you.

About Ploy Saeng Festival 

For inquiry, please call 02 664 7667 ext.136.
Or visit www.tcdc.or.th/ploy-saeng

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