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CU 2014 “IF… Defining the Future”

  • When: 1 - 31 August 2014
  • Where: TCDC & Creative Businesses in Bangkok

WHAT IF… Open up a world of possibilities and opportunities


No one knows the future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t design it.

What if…To raise new questions that challenge what is going on today, based on an understanding of what went on in the past—be it in social, cultural or technological aspect—is to open the possibility of better living and business opportunity.

Cast your mind back ten years ago when the internet was still tied to desktop computer. It was questions such as “What if the internet can be mobile?” that sparked new possibilities and let us now go online via mobile phones anywhere, anytime.

What If…is therefore used by thinkers and designers as the starting tool to define a hypothesis in order to find solutions and develop product or service that best satisfy user needs.

But raising questions without the frame of knowledge is no different to trying to find a needle in a haystack.

“CU 2014: IF… Defining the Future” brings together the future analysts who play leading roles in the world of changes. And the change is happening so fast, in so many facets: from the way nature is evolving from human impact on our planet, to the relation between people, technology and space, or how insights can be gained from consumer behaviour to find out the real need. Eight pioneering thinkers will share what is happening now and what are the possibilities, probabilities and potential tomorrow. Their visions will provoke you to raise questions, analyse information and be prepared to build a better life, as well as open your perspective to future business opportunities.

Creative Business Lab
Grab your chance to learn directly from creative industry experts in 15 intensive workshops:
- Khok Hua Kid: Creatsiness
- Fund Me to the Moon
by Kalaya Kovidvisith & Chutayaves Sinthupan 
- Secret Formula for Managing Successful Retail Business
by Abhiradee Tantivejakul
- From Dreams to Reality, from Passion to Products
by Roast Coffee & Eatery
- Entering Retail 101: Department Store / Multi-brand
by Siam Piwat

Manufacturing & Material
- Scratch Where It Itches
by Creative Printing Enterprise
- Packaging Revolution
by C.G.S. (Thailand)
- Missing Piece
by FabCafe Bangkok
- Plastic for Life: Food Packaging
by Material ConneXion Bangkok
- From Design to Car Accessories Production Technology
by Industrial Design Innovation Center, Chulalongkorn University

Research for Design
- Do or Die: Creative Methodologies for Business Survival
by Pisate Virangkabutra & Jeff Hamilton
- Research for Larger Design Impact
by Sal Forrest
- How Your Business Can Adapt to Today's Thai Lifestyles
by Teak Research
- Service Design: Service is a New Weapon
by TCDC Service Design Team
- Trend Spotting 2016 by COTTO 

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• International Workshop
28 - 29 August
Get a hands-on experience with international experts
- “Design for the 99%” by Jan Chipchase
- “Basic Lean Startup” by Krating Poonpol
- “The FUTURE by DESIGN: Inclusivity by Design = Design for All” by Patricia Moore PhD

• International Symposium
30 - 31 August
Nine visionaries will inspire you to question the present and create a better future.
Patricia Moore - Leading authority on Universal Design who had traveled as an 80 years old for 3 years
Koichiro Tanaka - Creates Uniqlo’s globally popular digital campaigns & named as Ad Week’s “Top Creative Minds in Digital”
Jan Chipchase - “Zen Master of uncovering the truths of human behavior” & author of Hidden in Plain Sight
Jinhyun Jeon - Designer who enriches dining experience by sensory stimuli & synesthetic effect
Daan Roosegaarde - Innovator of Smart Highway in the Netherlands where the road provides their own light, energy & road signs
Koert van Mensvoort - Shift your notion of nature, as technology is evolving into a “next nature” that might be wild and unpredictable as ever
Edward Barber - Internationally acclaimed British designer and co-founder of Barber Osgerby
Krating Poonpol - Pioneer of tech startups, Silicon Valley-styled, in Thailand & former head of Google Earth
Patrick Waterhouse - Editor in chief who put COLORS magazine back on the map

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