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"Behind the Scene" by Headquarter

  • When: 9 March 2008 | 14:00-16:00
  • Where: Auditorium, TCDC

The Thai fashion industry is gaining momentum and is becoming established on the international stage, TCDC will be inviting three famous designers, Jirat Suppisankul (Sunshine), Chai Jeam-Amornrat (Chai) and Patsarun Sriluansoi (Realistic Situation) of the Thai fashion brand Headquarter to give an interesting lecture.

These renowned Thai designers will reveal the ‘behind the scene’ secrets and talk about the processes involved in becoming a designer and understanding the role of the designer. They will also share their own experience on what encouraged them to become designers as well as how they have incorporated innovative materials, patterns and designs into their creations and how to be constantly inspired.

The lecture will focus on:

  • What it takes to become a designer? The designers’ role in the fashion industry.

  • A step by step guide after receiving the job.

  • As a professional designer, how to work as an individual and as part of a team.

  • As a professional designer, how to keep on being creative and become inspired.

  • The difference in working with local and international partners. What are the strengths and weaknesses?

  • What is the approach/goal of Headquarter?

About Headquarter
The super-cool brand ‘Headquarter’ is designed with simplicity in mind, yet very appealing with lots of details. Their show was the highlight and probably has been the most talked about amongst those that attended ELLE Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2007. ‘Headquarter’ was a collaboration of three leading designers of Thailand – Jirat Suppisankul (Sunshine), Chai Jeam-Amornrat (Chai) and Patsarun Sriluansoi (Realistic Situation).They all shared one common dream and that is to create a Thai fashion brand that is diverse in style, to be able to stay as one of the top notch brands, and respond to today’s competitive market. Certainly, this great team of designers is making Thai Fashion Street wear a lot more fun and livelier than ever before.

Conducted in Thai
Free admission/Limited seats
For reservations, please contact TCDC Information Counter Tel. 02 664 8448

About Headquarter, click www.headquarter.co.th

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