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TCDC Social Club: Graphic is All Around

  • When: 20 July 2013 | 14.00 –17.00
  • Where: Member Lounge, TCDC Resource Center

TCDC Social Club is an open space for our members from any field of businesses to socialise and present your work, idea and skill in a casual atmosphere. This activity offers a platform for TCDC members to share your knowledge and experiences in all creative industries, as well as to build a network for future business collaboration.

All members are invited to exchange ideas and experiences on July’s theme “Graphic is all around” with a presentation by 6 fellow members on graphic design and production. Six selected works which range from illustration, environmental graphic, character design and motion to printing will be showcased in front of Workshop @TCDC from 16 – 28 July 2013.

1. Conscious Studio
This small design studio specializes in environmental graphic, which focuses on using graphic design to facilitate communication in various spaces, with a belief that design must serve society and improve quality of living.


2. Chitralada Preechaharn
A young graphic designer who is looking for an opportunity to hone her skills into professional level.


3. Sirada Chokwareeporn
A cartoonist, photographer, video maker and occasional writer who gets her inspiration from people around her.


4. Toxic9th
This one-stop printing house will print anything for you and handle every printing process because design work isn’t limited to paper or pattern. Toxic9th believes that every production process is important to creative work.


5. Sataporn Kongkatitham
Sataporn’s work focuses on graphic design, fabric design, motion, editing and location shooting. He is particularly interested and keen to learn about info graphic and motion.


6. Viriya Mana-anuntakul
Industrial designer who is interested in experimental design, handmade work, typography and loves travelling to new places for inspiration.


7. Dot One Interactive
This small digital agency with a passion for technology puts the emphasis on user experience through graphic design that does not only look good but also ease the use of digital content.

13.00 Register
14.00 Casual talk and presentation. Light snacks will be served.
17.00 Conclusion

Free Admission
Please reserve your seat via Online Reservation system or at TCDC Information Counter, tel. 02 664 8448 ext. 213, 214 (closed Mondays). For platinum member please reserve via tel. 02 105- 7499.

TCDC members from all business fields are invited to present your work in the next August session “The Unmet Need”. This topic will cover product design, furniture, service and any other industries that aim to answer the needs or even small problems in our daily life. Apply online free today – 31 July 2013!

How to Apply
1. Apply via Online Reservation system here.

2. Fill in your TCDC member ID number (Applicant must be active TCDC member).
3. Present your work via Portfolio service at the creative online community www.TCDCCONNECT.com. If you are already a member, please give us the URL of your page. Or apply and upload your work here.
4. TCDC will announce the list of participants as selected by our expert committee by the second week of each month.
5. Selected participants will be contacted by TCDC staff to bring samples of your work for display at TCDC for 2 weeks.
6. Prepare your presentation for approximately 10-20 minutes time slot.

For more information, please contact socialclub@tcdc.or.th or TCDC Information Counter, tel. 02 664 8448 ext. 213, 214. (Closed Mondays)

1. Please reserve your seat in advance online or by phone.
2. Press, blogger or interested parties can contact socialclub@tcdc.or.th for more information about selected participants.
3. On-site registration opens one hour before the scheduled start time. For those who have made advance reservation, please register to confirm your seat at least 30 minutes before the event starts.
4. Parking fee is subject to The Emporium’s terms and conditions. TCDC will provide free 2-hour parking coupon for attendees.

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