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“Redefining the District”

  • When: 5 - 7 May 2017
  • Where: TCDC Bangkok

TCDC is soft launching to public at the Grand Postal Building from 5 May 2017.

Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) under the supervision of the Office of Knowledge Management and Development (Public Organization), which is in turn part of the Office of the Prime Minister, is soft launching to public at the Grand Postal Building from 5 May 2017.

Together with the soft-launch, the activity “Redefining the District” is organized to reflect one of TCDC core missions in development of Charoenkrung as the creative district. This mission is initiated to drive forward the creative economy in accordance with Thailand’s country policy. Charoenkrung development activities are organized consecutively throughout 2016 in co-creation process between stakeholders under the project “Co-create Charoenkrung”. Activities under this project consist of green space development, abandoned building renovation and alleys connection, aiming to stimulate economy in the community. Collaboration with governmental sector was developed for improvement of public service and infrastructure. Policy and measure promotion is emphasized to activate private sector investment and revive Charoenkrung as a business community for new generation.

The very first “Redefining the District” activity is held between 5-7 May 2017 to build awareness in the change of Charoenkrung by services of TCDC at The Grand Postal Building. The activity is ignited for promotion of Charoenkrung district among Thai public. Indoor and outdoor activities are awaiting at the Grand Postal Building as the following schedule

5 May 17
Creative Market
16.00 hrs.  Start Creative Market Activity
17.00 hrs.Opening Speech by Mr. Apisit Laistrooklai, Managing Director, TCDC
17.20 hrs.Creative Market Tour by Mr. Apisit Laistrooklai, Managing Director, TCDC
17.30-18.30 hrs.Live Performance by Hexthree
18.40-20.00 hrs.The Master Film
20.00-21.00 hrs.Live Performance by Sunny Trio & Natt Buntita
21.00-21.40 hrs.Mr. Zero Short Film
22.00-23.00 hrs.Live Performance by The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band
Rooftop Garden
19.00-20.00 hrs.Live Performance by Sam Neang Thep
20.00-21.00 hrs.    Music by DJ Maft Sai
21.00-22.00 hrs.Live Performance by Sam Neang Thep
Back Lobby
19.00-23.00 hrs.Open Deck Activity by DJ Kelvin Wong and DJ Duangrit Bunnag
Maker Space
20.00-23.00 hrs.Fab Café Opening Party by DJ Supersonic
Material & Design Innovation Center
20.00-21.00 hrs.Live Performance by X0809

6 May 2017
Creative Market
16.00 hrs.Start Creative Market Activity
17.30-18.30 hrs.Indie Rock Live Performance bySummer Dress
18.30-19.30 hrs.Sin Saeng Suree (Along the shore, under the Dying Sun) Film
19.30-20.30 hrs.Indie Rock Live Performance My Life As Ali Thomas
20.30-21.50 hrs.Noma: My Perfect Storm Film
21.30-22.30 hrs.Indie Rock Live Performance Yellow Fang

7 May 2017
Creative Market
16.00 hrs.Start Creative Market Activity
17.00-18.00 hrs.Music by DJ Malee
18.00-18.20 hrs.Swing Dancing Workshop by Bangkok Swing
18.20-19.20 hrs.Swing Dancing by Trix 'O' Treat and Bangkok Swing
19.00-20.00 hrs.83/ Soi Soonvijai14 Short Film
20.00-22.00 hrs.Jazz & Soul Live Performance by Motherfunky
22.00-23.30 hrs.Banksy Does New York Film

For benefits and souvenirs, participants of the activity “Redefining the District” can snap images of inside and outside TCDC, and share it on social media with the hashtag #TCDCBKK or #TCDC2017. Benefits and souvenirs are (1) beverage discount at café (2) postcard-sized image printing (3) discount at TCDC shop (4) Free workshop at Maker Space.

Co-working Visa program is no longer available on May 1st, 2017. During May, 2nd-4th, 2017, TCDC COMMONS is open for members.

For more information, please contact TCDC Bangkok (Monday-Friday) 9.30-17.30 hrs. Tel. 02-105-7400.

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