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What if…we let the temperature control a device?

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The development of iPhone makes the new generation familiar with touchscreen and allows for the possibility of keyboard-less computer and other electric appliances that can save both space and material. From now on, everything can be controlled by hand. Wearable computer development using the technologies of computer, Internet, and Bluetooth does not only make a drastic change into remote control by human body, but also create a path to collecting data from our body such as temperature and heart rate. It also sheds light for the development of augmented reality technology (AR) which is the combination between the real world and the virtual world by overlaying 3D elements onto real world environment. AR is now on everyone’s lips especially in spicing up communication and marketing campaign. For instance, Google glass allows wearer to control their communication device, view products, or search the destination in a virtual perspective.

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Mediated Reality

Google glass

Even though, wearable computer has been continuously developed both in size and design into regular clothing and accessories, it still requires a device as the media. Metaio, an AR company, invented Thermal Touch to employ human body temperature as the media for controlling instead of the device. The new technology uses infrared camera to sensor the temperature at the tip of the finger that presses on the screen, develops AR tracing system to connect with the temperature and transforms everything we touch into a touchscreen.

Even though, the technique is still in the prototype testing process, it is a key step for wearable electronic device that requires no screen but is controlled simply by bare hand. Thermal Touch will enable ordinary people to find the information by touching ordinary things while designers can draw the model and build prototype from the real place more accurately. However, this technology can only be realized once wearable computers such as Google Glass or smart watch become widely used among the public and infrared camera needed to be integrated into surrounding objects as much as possible. Meet the visionaries who are inspired by the challenges in the world today and trying to figure out the way to better living tomorrow at CU 2014 in August at TCDC.

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  • Published Date: 2014-07-03
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