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จากเครื่องเขินเก่าแก่ สู่ผลิตภัณฑ์ร่วมสมัย

The Lacquerware community in Chiangmai


In the hidden corner of Chiangmai province, Wat Nantharam community still keeps the lacquer legend. It has been alive for more than 200 years. The lacquerware making skill is inherited from their ‘Tai Khen' ancestors who migrated from Chaing tung, in southern China to Chaingmai.

Lacquerware as known as ‘Kreung Khern' is made from bamboo or wood, covered by layers of natural black lacquer. Then it is ornamentally carved or coated in gold foil, producing multi-functioned utensil.

Nowadays, Wat Nantharam community continuously produces various lacquer wares, ranging from a simple 20 Baht bracelet to elegant clothing storage, priced in 5 digits range.

Whist striving to preserve their traditional wisdom, Wat Nantharam community also produces contemporary lacquerware for today's lifestyle.

"We wish to see this craft industry grows. Hopefully one day the world will know about Thai lacquerware and its true beauty"said Patchara Sirichan, Head of Wichaikul-Wat Nantharam Lacquerware community who currently look after all marketing schemes.

"To enhance our future business, we need skillful designers and marketing experts to help us develop new products which is more responsive to customer demands. Besides that, it would be great if the government can support us in terms of business matching. They can help us expand business opportunities. For example, getting our products introduced to new customer segments, such as spa and hotel business"

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  • Published Date: 2009-07-09
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