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TCDC: Center for Lifelong Learning

TCDC is a "playground for creativity". The place to inspire and set the pace and tone of creative thinking in Thai society We build awareness on value of design to Thai people through wide range of activities and services; exhibitions, lectures workshops, online and paper resources for research and development in design context. We engage our audiences with educational as well as entertaining activities to ensure that these experiences would stimulate people’s thirst to learn and think imaginatively.

A Place to Ignite Your Imagination and Inspiration


The 800-square-meter exhibition area, designed to international museum standards, houses both a permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions.

Permanent Exhibition
The 300-square-meter gallery is home to “What Is Design?”, an exploration of how ten countries renowned for their innovative design have each interpreted their cultural uniqueness into 20th century industrial design classics and presents the “genius loci” of industrial design in Thailand.

Temporary Exhibitions
The 500-square-meter gallery presents TCDC-sponsored and other international exhibitions. The goal is to foster design knowledge and inspire visitors by showcasing internationally acclaimed works of design, with detailed descriptions of their concept and origin.

Research Center for the Growth of Creativity

TCDC Resource Center

One of Asia’s largest design libraries, the TCDC Resource Center houses over 32,000 volumes of design publications, more than 210 periodicals, as well as over 3,000 items of design resources in multimedia formats (films, documentaries, and TCDC educational programmes on iPod and iPad). Three online database services on art history, design and marketing are available for members, along with information and news on social, cultural, economic, and political issues from around the world as well as other related subjects that help translate imagination and creativity into a variety of design works and concepts. In addition, the TCDC Resource Center offers facilities and services including reading rooms, multimedia rooms, online databases, weekend live music, and creative entertainment activities.

Material ConneXion® Bangkok

Asia’s first innovative design materials library offers designers, students, and manufacturers the chance to explore materials used by leading international designers. With over 6,500 material samples used in the production of a wide range of products, Material ConneXion® keeps TCDC members abreast of new developments in the world of design materials. Material ConneXion® Bangkok is the fourth branch of Material ConneXion®, which has branches globally in New York, Milan, Cologne, and Daegu (Korea). (More)

TCDC Chiang Mai

TCDC Chiang Mai is the first center for design know-how and a hothouse of creative thinking in the country’s upper north. Our first regional design resource center offers the same full slate of services available to users in Bangkok. Continuing to expand opportunities for learning about design, TCDC reaches out to entrepreneurs, designers, students, people in Chiang Mai and the upper north and offering them the knowledge and tools to turn original, innovative ideas into real economic returns. Our approach is focused on wedding Thailand’s intellectual assets, its rich cultural heritage, and the latest technologies to create distinctive goods and services with strong potential for success in the local and international marketplace.


A learning center for regional creativity

Chiang Rai, Chonburi, Kamphaeng Phet, Khon Kaen, Mahasarakam, Nakhon Pathom, Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phetchaburi, Phitsanulok, Phuket, Songkhla, Ubon Ratchathani

Each miniTCDC offers a smaller version of TCDC’s facilities and services, consisting of a design library with a collection of 250 books that rotates every semester and that provides access to a material database and material samples. Mini-exhibitions and interesting lectures and seminars also circulate among the nationwide network of miniTCDCs. Housed at 13 regional universities, the miniTCDCs allow students, faculty, and local entrepreneurs to access product design and development knowledge without having to travel to Bangkok.

Design and Creative Business Learning Resource

TCDC pushed ahead with its strategy to expand Thailand’s creative economy by fulfilling our role as the country’s premier resource center for design knowledge and product development. TCDC also took concrete steps to speed Thailand’s transformation into a “creative, learning society.” We provided support for Thai creative entrepreneurs eager to give their products and services added value through a fusion of cultural strength and creative ideas. The business opportunities that result will help Thai entrepreneurs to respond to global changes and improve their competitiveness.

Online Network of Creative Entrepreneurs

www.tcdcconnect.com is where creative entrepreneurs find all the news and information that matter: from brand building, latest innovations and consumer trends, creative business management, to case studies that will affect design and business practice. The website aims to inspire Thai entrepreneurs and designers to develop their own business and empower them to create globally competitive products and services. It also offers learning resources for students and the general public who are interested in design and creative thinking which may inspire their future careers.

A Window onto the World of Design

The Shop@TCDC features an assortment of products by Thai and international designers that focus on originality, utility and innovative production techniques. Its primary purpose is to serve as encouragement to students, designers, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs to “think outside the box” when developing new products and services for today’s market. The Shop@TCDC provides a place for local designers and entrepreneurs to showcase their latest designs and seek advice on product conception and development and the placement of new products in the market. The local and foreign-made items on display in the shop are meant to inspire Thai designers and give them a better understanding of the interests of the domestic market. (More)

Disseminating Knowledge and Promoting the Importance of Creativity

TCDC expands the knowledge and understanding inductive to the development of creative economy by developing a body of knowledge and disseminates it to the public in the forms of free monthly magazine Creative Thailand, book, publication, and online media.

Setting the Stage for a Creative Thinking and Design Network

Creativity is often sparked by studying the experiences of others. One of the most important of TCDC’s activities is, therefore, to provide a forum for international and local creative entrepreneurs and designers to share experiences and find inspiration from one another. This dialogue propels the creative process and the transformation of design concepts into reality. The collaboration between entrepreneurs and designers will foster a creative network that is one of the keys to concrete success. This interaction can also promote the recognition of value and talent throughout the network, which in turn facilitates the creation of design thinking through coordination and collaboration.